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About Us

aboutBALIZZA started its journey in the fashion world in the year 1993. It is a brand that creates superior, luxurious, and sophisticated new trend collections. Each collection is enriched with its own original details gathered into a synthesis of oriental culture and modern urban European style. Because of this, Balizza has become a successful brand in the luxury retail segment with high brand recognition through Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

In the year 2002, research conducted by top Balizza designers and industry experts determined that there was a lack of sport-chic apparel available on the luxury market. Thus, the designers of BALIZZA created the “B2 BALIZZA” Collection. B2 BALIZZA has rapidly taken an important role in the industry with its modern tailoring, special washing effects, and fresh style. Both brands have become leaders in the European fashion market which is known for its ingenuity and trends across the globe.

BALIZZA brand finds success wherever it ventures. BALIZZA’s has more than 50 shops ranging from France and Italy, to Russia and the Middle East, and even to the far reaches of South Africa. In each of these markets Balizza is creating a huge impact.

BALIZZA releases 3 different collections each year which can be seen in leading fashion magazines and commercial campaigns virtually anywhere on Earth.

BALIZZA celebrates its huge success in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kuwait, UAE, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. BALIZZA now expands into the American luxury fashion market, with its first stores opening in the USA in 2013.

BALIZZA has an unconditional and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction as its main guiding prinicpal. Our commitment to acheiving heightened success and new trends in the industry through continuous evolution of art and design goes without compromise to our unkmatched quality standards.